Dear everyone,

I'm new on this platform, but I find it very informative. 
I have to questions on my mind, and was hoping that you could me with. I'm pretty new with Pectel ECU and this software. I'm used to EFI euro 4, so it's a pretty tough start. 

Question 1: Right now im facing to start up a Julian Godfrey-engine wich has been rebuild, and it's now back in the car. In the EFI software, there was a complete "live" channel overview, where it was possible to see the most important values from the ECU during start ups. Can i find something simular in this software? It will be nice to have CAM/CRANK count, lambda, rpm, tps, etc in the same window 😃 It's a Pectel SQ6M ecu, and Caltool 7,3 software.

Question 2: Does anyone in here have experience in programming Auto-blip with this ECU? We're driving a Rallycross-supercar, and it's not allowed to use gear indicator sencors an so on. Is it possible then? Hit me with good info 🙂 Appreciate it, thanks
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       We usually format our own worksheets to suit the engine/application, I would advise to contact Julian and ask him for some worksheets. You can then import these worksheets, File, Import.  In Quick View mode the worksheet will show data according to the table selected, ie Fuel, Ignition etc. This won't have all you want on one selection. 
     with Rallycross and Blip, it is possible using Advanced mode but this will not be in closed loop mode and needs a lot of time to set up. Again you would be better to consult with Julian about this.  If you have a turbo engine and using Anti Lag then blip with ALS is not really required. 

     F1 is your biggest friend for Caltool Help.  For help on individual strategies, you can find in the bottom left corner of the software a window that has menu of Appearance, Mode, Nudging etc,. In the Appearance menu is Description, if you hover your mouse over this you will get help on that strategy. 

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