• ICD User Guides and Documentation

    Started by CosworthSupport: ICD Product Information Product details attached, including reference to pin outs, comms ports etc. ICD – Display Function and Configuration...

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  • ICD digital wheel speed inputs transmitted to SQ6M

    Started by David_Moeremans: Hi, I am wondering what the best setup would be for using the SQ6M traction control function based on digital wheel speeds from the ABS. ABS ICD ...

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  • D2 (I think) Wiring info

    Started by pamarakos: Hi I have bought a display and I'm struggling to find wiring info, but I can't find anything Little label on it says OmegaDash 01D-032518-D2B (this...

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  • Omega D2 "C Pectel CAN" sensor

    Started by adamw: Hi All, Im hoping someone here can give me some information on the CAN format the Omega dash expects to receive when set to "C Pectel CAN"...

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  • old omega dash

    Started by Marco Gallina: Morning, one of my customer has this type of dash omega dash 01d-032518-d1d issue model : 2/1 serial :770 is it posssible to have more...

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  • Wiring your IPS32 / IPS48 to your ICD Ethernet Hub

    Started by Mark_F: I did not find this explicitly stated anywhere: Inside the ICD there is an Ethernet Hub, two ports are broken out to the main connector, this allows...

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  • Omega D3

    Started by ayrtondelima: Good afternoon, Where do I get the manuals and technical documents for installing an Omega D3?

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  • Register math channels

    Started by Jarvo90: Hi, I've had an ICD display for a while now with your standard setup in it. However I would now like to look at playing around with it a bit in...

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  • Altering the Odometer file in the ICD

    Started by Mark_F: How do you log in to set the ICD's Odometer so you can match to the current odometer in an application? Thanks!

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  • ICD start screen

    Started by gsanchez: How can the start screen display be changed?

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  • CFW277 Steering Wheel Integration

    Started by Healey3501: Hi Everyone, I'm a member of a formula student team and I am currently struggling to get any alarms to show up on the display. I was wondering if...

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  • North Seattle area help wanted

    Started by u11racing: Anybody live in the north Seattle area(specifically Edmonds) that is well versed in toolset and toolbox that I could meet for some help with my...

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  • Pectel Omega D1 Dash

    Started by BillyEdmonds: Hello, Recently the oil pressure field on my display has begun to fade out and come back while driving. Typically, most of the oil pressure...

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  • Thermocouple Amplifiers

    Started by u11racing: For the past years we have been utilizing Texense THK 1250 thermocouple amplifiers with our Cosworth system. We seem to now be having alot of...

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  • Wiring temp sensor into ICD

    Started by DCEInc: Do any of the ICD analogue inputs have internal pull ups so a temp sensor can be wired to it? Or do I need to wire a temp sensor to an input that has...

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  • D4 GPS

    Started by areeve44: I Have a D4 dash in one of our race cars I've read in the user guide its possible to add GPS , does anyone know which GPS is required?

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  • ICD dash communication issue

    Started by kevin bates: Hi (first first time post) I have an ICD dash on our car and when trying to communicate using the Pi Toolset i get the following error Unable to...

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  • Measuring Yaw

    Started by u11racing: Has anyone measured Yaw on their system? If so what does it take to do this, I am interested in understanding the corelation of yaw of our boat with...

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  • ICD Setup

    Started by Juergen84: Hi all, i have ICD Variant 6.3 Metadata 8.0, i have Template for Variant 6.0 Metadata.10.0 i get the errormessage has someone any idea? ...

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  • Math Channel

    Started by Duramotor: A question. Is there a way to debug math channels to check their functionality? Thanks, Rufan

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  • wireless download

    Started by u11racing: When we first got our ICD, it was recommended for us to download our data by wireless using this 3G Mifi. Here is a link to the one I have been using...

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  • ICD USB Stick

    Started by VF: Hi, is it possible to connect a "USB Stick" to be able to exchange it during pitstops ? Target is to get access to data without...

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  • Upgrade ICD Pro to Ultra

    Started by VF: Hi gents, at the moment I have a ICD PRO but I'm on the limit with my analogue inputs (atm 14). My question is now What can I do to upgrade my...

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  • ICD Pro with "USB Stick"

    Started by VF: Is it possible to connect a USB Stick or CF Card to the ICD Pro so that it isn't needed to connected to the ICD to download the data ? Rgds vf

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  • ICD cannot receive or transmit setup

    Started by Larry996: Hi I have an ICD I cannot send or receive setup from. This is a screen shot from Toolset and the one I'm having problems with has a "?"...

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